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What a beautiful time of the year.
Welcome to the heart of the Tri-Valley.

East Bay Parks Trails Challenge - Kaiser Permanente Sponsor

East Bay Parks Trails ChallengeHere is a great idea for the whole family.

Hurry up and sign up for free, for a commemorative pin and T-shirt to walk 5 of the 20 trails listed in the 2008 Trails Guidebook by December 1.


Thousands of people like you have participated over the 14 years-over two thousand last year alone! Register to receive the 2008 Guidebook filled with 20 of the best hikes in the Regional Parks. Trails Challenge invites you to hike 5 of the 20 trails or 26.2 miles of trails listed in the booklet by December 1. Participants will receive the Trails Challenge guidebook, T-shirt, and a special gift. A commemorative pin will be sent after participants have completed the 'Challenge.' Kaiser Permanente is a major sponsor of this program, enabling us to offer the materials free for this special 15th Anniversary. (one packet per person while supplies last) Reg. Required: 1-888-EBPARKS (1-888-327-2757).

Sign up at the East Bay Parks website, Trails Challenge.

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posted by Jim W. @ 3/19/2008 11:24:00 PM


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